Bioavailability Report on Oral NAD+ and NAD+ Precursors


When supplementing with oral nutrients there are 3 unspoken rules that are key to any successful administration. You want what you are taking to be the actual supplement that is labeled on the bottle (because the supplement industry is so poorly regulated [1]). Working with reputable companies with high integrity is essential to ensure you

Anti-Aging Done Right: A Holistic Approach Without Chemicals or Toxins


We’re incredibly excited to announce that after much anticipation, the New York Center for Innovative Medicine will finally be launching our new anti-aging division, Elemental Aging, starting May 1st. After years of utilizing an incredibly sophisticated and unique approach to healing some of the most complex chronic conditions and diseases, this launch applies the knowledge and philosophy

5 Ways to Optimize Regenerative Sleep


In the technology-driven, fast-paced era we live in, it is commonplace for people to run on fumes, ignore their internal alarms, and exhaust themselves to a point of seemingly no return. We’re here to tell you that it’s never too late to change, and never too late to implement adjustments that will alter your body’s ability to recoup and regenerate - as it is naturally meant to.

NETFLIX & Heal – Top 7 Health Documentaries


Over 148 million people use Netflix. And that number continues to grow. In the general population, Netflix has become the go-to for after-work pastimes. About 70% of Netflix users admit to binge-watching. You’ve likely been there. You sit down to watch an episode – maybe 2. A few hours later, you’re 4 episodes deep. It

Innovative Medicine Featured on Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey


Innovative Medicine was recently featured in the top 10 podcast 'Bulletproof Radio'. Listen as the father of biohacking, Dave Asprey, talks with Innovative Medicine co-founder Caspar Szulc and they discuss pushing the boundaries of conventional medicine. Enjoy!

Always Tired? It Could be a Deficiency of This Incredibly Important Nutrient (NAD+)


An estimated 9 million Americans currently suffer from persistent chronic fatigue. In our recent article, The Art of Focus: How to reclaim your mind in the modern world, we alluded to a frightening inflection-point on which we seem to be converging: Whereby the more complex our society becomes, the more brain power is required to participate effectively. But the more we participate, the more we seem to deplete ourselves of this all-important resource. Some of the answers have to do with being more selective with how we balance our engagement with society, social media and all our various technologies. But other factors may lie beyond our behavioral control.