Happy New Year!


A new year is upon us, and we'd like to take a moment to reflect, as well as share some of our 2015 resolutions and goals. As we reflect on the past year, we share our eternal thanks and gratitude for your support in making 2014 a record-breaking and memorable one for us.

Innovative Medicine Celebrates 10 Years of Transforming Medicine


Back in December of 2004, I was part of a small team that started a company with the idea of helping others. We started by selling high quality supplements and homeopathic medicines online to the public. Our vision for the future back then wasn't so clear, but over the next decade, it would become a crystallized vision of how to transform the medical field and redefine health. Keep reading to see what the next 10 years has in store...

All Signs Point to a Holographic Universe – New Science Experiments Open a World of Possibility

Holographic Universe, Holographic Information

The holographic universe theory basically states that each point or part of the universe contains all information in the universe. The same way all of the information needed to create a 3-D image can be present on a single two dimensional strip of holographic film, so can all information contained in the universe be encoded onto a single 2-D "fabric" of space-time. Can this same theory be applied to medicine to improve patient care?

B.A.H. Featured in New Life Article – ‘Quantum’ leap towards well-being


A new article in Life Positive, a magazine based out of India that prides itself as “Your complete guide to Personal Growth“, recently featured Bioresonance Analysis of Health in its June 2014 edition. Here’s a short excerpt: What would be your take on a single-drop blood test that tells you about your health, identifies all

Innovative Medicine in India


Innovative Medicine, in collaboration with the Quantum Institute for Wellbeing based in New Delhi, India, conducted a special one day seminar entitled "Bioresonance Analysis of Health: An Introduction to Quantum Information Medicine". This unique event exposed B.A.H., an advanced diagnostic and evaluation system, to a group of leading physicians in India. Here's a short overview.

Dr. Szulc Releases New Book – “The Art of Medicine”


Based off his incredible medical success in private practice, leading integrative physician Thomas K. Szulc, M.D. has released his first book, entitled "The Art of Medicine: The Principles of Energy in Medical Sciences". The highly anticipated book provides rational, proven, and intelligent solutions to an abundance of health problems, without guessing or trial-and-error tactics commonly used in conventional medicine.