PHYTO5: A New Approach to Anti-Aging


Phyto5 is the world's first energetic anti-aging and skincare line to bring together the latest in modern science (quantum physics, most interestingly) and along with both ancient Chinese health and medicinal knowledge and Swiss medical innovation. We explore what makes this line so special, and why it just may revolutionize how we view skincare and anti-aging.

The Art of Focus: How to Reclaim Your Mind in the Modern World


What resource has the highest value in this day and age? Is it money, is it time? More and more experts in wide and varied fields ranging from economics to neuroscience now agree… it’s energy, and the ability to direct it to a single point, using an ability we call focus.

NAD+ in a Pill – A New Brain Supplement


NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) has received a lot of recent attention in the press and among certain scientific communities such as the addiction and integrative medical fields. The question is how can we take such a potent and therapeutic coenzyme as NAD+ that is normally utilized intravenously as a medical procedure, and place that into a pill that supports the brain and cognitive functioning?

Resonance Phenomena and Bioresonance


In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate. Resonance phenomena occurs with all types of vibrations or waves: there is mechanical resonance, acoustic resonance, electromagnetic resonance, and also biological resonance of living systems (bioresonance). Resonant systems can be used to generate vibrations of a specific frequency, or pick out specific frequencies from

Insights on Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s is a debilitating degenerative brain disorder, and one we at Innovative Medicine wanted to demystify and share some unique insight into. Starting with the question, “what causes the brain to ‘age’?“, we turned to Dr. Thomas K. Szulc for the answers and interesting new discoveries on this subject. Taken from a series of lectures

5 Tips to Choosing the Right Doctor


It’s not always easy to find the right doctor for you. It can be even trickier when going out of network and locating an integrative practitioner that can satisfy your unique, and sometimes complex health needs. The more prepared and informed you are about what to look for in an integrative practitioner, the better your