What does ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’ really mean?


Here's what we believe to be one of the most complete explanation videos on the subject of 'Body, Mind and Spirit'. The term is often loosely used to describe the three levels of our existence that when balanced signify well-being and health. But what does body, mind and spirit really mean?

The Lecher Antenna – Applied to the Art of Champagne


One of the biggest issues we face in this day and age is assessing the quality of any product. It's one thing to say that a product is of high quality, but how do we accurately verify this? Enter the Lecher antenna.

Insights on Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s is a debilitating degenerative brain disorder, and one we at Innovative Medicine wanted to demystify and share some unique insight into. Starting with the question, “what causes the brain to ‘age’?“, we turned to Dr. Thomas K. Szulc for the answers and interesting new discoveries on this subject. Taken from a series of lectures

The Importance of Biological Dentistry


Biological dentistry acknowledges the vital importance dental health plays on the overall well-being of a patient, as well as the inter-connectedness teeth and dental procedures have on organs and systems of the body. In this video, recorded from a web event, we bring on experts to help provide further insight into the importance of biological dentistry.

A Doctor’s Story: Identifying Root Causes


Doctors today have become swamped with an ever-growing number of tests and data. And while this increasing amount of information can lead to improved symptomatic treatment, it does little to truly shine a light on the source, or root cause, of a dysfunction. We turn to Beth McDougall, MD, from the CLEAR Center, to provide insight on how an Innovative Medicine approach can help identify root causes of disease.

How is ‘Empowered Healing’ Different? With IM’s President


Due to the thousands of different health programs available online, people often ask "What makes Empowered Healing different?" We sat down with Caspar Szulc, one of the Co-Founders of Innovative Medicine, to talk about what sets Empowered Healing apart from all the other wellness courses on the market today.