Tools to Become a Self-Healing Gangster

Self-Healing Saturday is a weekly newsletter directly from me, Caspar Szulc, that’s aimed to provide you with awesome insight into unleashing and optimizing the most remarkable healing object in the known universe – YOU! 

How to Super-Charge Your Health

About SHS

Self-Healing Saturday (or SHS for short) is my way of sharing the knowledge I gain on a weekly basis working at a world-renowned clinic and having access to experts and doctors as well as really direct access to a pioneer in integrative medicine – my father, Dr. Thomas Szulc.

Why Saturday?

Most of us think of our weekends as time-off. I like to think of the weekends as time-on. It’s away from weekdays busy with work and time towards cultivating passions, exploring, being introspective, and ultimately in alchemizing a healthy and happy life. That’s why Saturday.

Who is this for?

Everyone. Seriously. While my company and lots of my efforts go towards helping people with chronic illness regain their health, this newsletter is for anyone looking to optimize body, mind, and spirit.

Here’s how it works…

I share insights, tips, articles, books, supplements, gadgets, and information that can help you become the healthiest version of you. I try to keep it fresh, unique, and simple. You shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to read the newsletter, but if something peaks your interest you can jump down the rabbit hole.  

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I’ve been in the integrative medicine game since I was a little kid traveling the world with my father as he built up his therapeutic toolkit. Now I’m sharing my best tips, resources, supplements, healing tech, and ways to live a truly healthy life with you.

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