A Doctor’s Story: Identifying Root Causes


Doctors today have become swamped with an ever-growing number of tests and data. And while this increasing amount of information can lead to improved symptomatic treatment, it does little to truly shine a light on the source, or root cause, of a dysfunction. We turn to Beth McDougall, MD, from the CLEAR Center, to provide insight on how an Innovative Medicine approach can help identify root causes of disease.

Changes to B.A.H. Training Style


Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H.) is a truly comprehensive and one-of-a kind medical system for identifying all sources of dysfunction, and personalizing treatment to each individual patient. It is an artform - and becoming an artist in it takes time and effort. We've decided to streamline the training process, and adapting it to the benefit of the practitioner. Here's what you can expect...

Patient Success Story: Chronic Lyme Disease


Hear from a patient suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease for 7+ years, as she describes her journey back to health - from years of intravenous antibiotic treatments, to countless different doctors, and finally to an advanced integrative approach that left her "Lyme free and feeling better than I have in years".

Innovative Medicine in India


Innovative Medicine, in collaboration with the Quantum Institute for Wellbeing based in New Delhi, India, conducted a special one day seminar entitled "Bioresonance Analysis of Health: An Introduction to Quantum Information Medicine". This unique event exposed B.A.H., an advanced diagnostic and evaluation system, to a group of leading physicians in India. Here's a short overview.

B.A.H. Analyzed – A Physician’s Assessment


In this short video, taken from a web event entitled Bioresonance Analysis of Health Compared, Dr. Louis Esquivel, MD, an integrative physician in San Antonio, Texas, shares his experience with B.A.H. and how it has helped transform his practice. Dr. Esquivel, a highly accomplished practitioner with training in orthodox medicine, functional medicine, classical homeopathy, nutritional therapy,  Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET), Omura's O-ring testing, and much more, provides his assessment of B.A.H. after implementing it into his office.

B.A.H. – What is it and how does it work?


Listen as Sue Vogan from "In Short Order" blog talk radio interviews Benjamin Ahrens, Executive Vice President of Innovative Medicine on the topic of Bioresonance Analysis of Health and his experience as a Chronic Lyme Disease patient that overcame this condition and restored complete health. "In Short Order" is a health-oriented blog talk radio show for patients/healthcare professionals. Take a listen.