The Importance of Biological Dentistry


Biological dentistry acknowledges the vital importance dental health plays on the overall well-being of a patient, as well as the inter-connectedness teeth and dental procedures have on organs and systems of the body. In this video, recorded from a web event, we bring on experts to help provide further insight into the importance of biological dentistry.

The 5 Wrong Medical Questions Patients Ask Doctors


Patients are curious by nature, and often have a variety of questions to ask their practitioner before, during and after their appointments. However, in our conventionally-inclined world, patients have been ingrained with questions that don't necessarily prompt the answers they should be looking for - answers that will truly help them get to the bottom of what is causing them to feel sick, and the steps they need to take to regain health. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 wrong medical questions patients ask their doctors, along with the questions they should be asking.

Empowered Healing for Chronic Lyme Disease


It’s no secret – Lyme disease has become a major health issue in the past decade. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, as some top physicians consider it the perfect disease. It’s multi-faceted, multi-systemic, the causative organism (Borrelia burgdorferi) mimics many other diseases, it is normally accompanied by a host of other pathogenic organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites, and the kicker is that it’s hard to diagnose and treatment can be extremely difficult. In this article, you'll see how we've utilized the best advice, secrets, and techniques of top physicians, reverse engineering the steps of successful patients, and tapping into the many discoveries in a variety of fields to create a 12-week healing program to reclaim health and vitality.

The Mythology Of Science-Based Medicine


Dr. Larry Dossey tackles a very important question - what exactly does science-based medicine mean? The perception of validity in the evidence-based medicine model (one that uses evidence from well designed and conducted research) guides decisions on treatment of diseases, but is there an actual correlation between what is "scientifically proven" and effectiveness? New data suggests that an evidence-based approach to selecting medical options may be severely limited, and that other highly effective methods in the scope of alternative medicine are ruled out, when simply their mechanism of action may not be fully understood.

The Hidden Causes of Parkinson’s Disease


Going beyond biochemical, genetic and conventional factors that play a part in Parkinson's, many doctors are now adopting a holistic and comprehensive approach to understanding this debilitating condition that may provide further clues as to a personalized integrative treatment. Here we outline some of the common root causes that are often overlooked in Parkinson's disease as put forth by certain experts and medical communities.

Ben Ahrens Speaks at TEDx on Embracing a New Paradigm of Medicine & Health


Listen to our own, Ben Ahrens (Executive Vice President), tell his personal story about Lyme disease, health, and transformation at a recent TEDx talk. You'll not only hear a remarkable story but gain insight into a new paradigm of medicine and health.