Innovative Medicine Featured in Goop


Be sure to check out our article in goop on Lyme disease, in which Dr. Thomas K. Szulc and Innovative Medicine contributed to shedding insight into this complex, multi-faceted, and often misunderstood condition. It's a great read, and a sign of the increasing need for a new model of medicine.

The Innovative Medicine ‘Lyme Report’


Lyme disease has quickly become one of the most talked about medical conditions, and there are a lot of different opinions and information on how to handle this growing health crisis. With over a decade in experience, learning from Lyme experts, leading physicians and following the successful clinical results of Lyme patients, we'd like to share what we've learned with you. In our special 'Lyme report', we present a unique holistic perspective and understanding of this complex and multi-faceted disease.

What is ‘Empowered Healing’? A Word From One of its Creators


People have been asking us "What exactly is Empowered Healing?" and we thought, what better way to answer this question than to ask one of the creators directly? Check out this short video clip from Ben Ahrens, prior chronic Lyme Disease patient and one of the minds behind Empowered Healing.

A Natural Way to Prevent Tick Bites (and Lyme Disease)


Although DEET and permethrin are the most common insecticides used to fight ticks, both are powerful chemical neurotoxins that can directly impact the human central nervous system. In addition, while DEET is an excellent mosquito repellent, it is a fairly poor tick repellent. So what can you do? Here’s a natural, safe and effective formula you can make at home to repel ticks and help prevent associated tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease.

Empowered Healing for Chronic Lyme Disease


It’s no secret – Lyme disease has become a major health issue in the past decade. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, as some top physicians consider it the perfect disease. It’s multi-faceted, multi-systemic, the causative organism (Borrelia burgdorferi) mimics many other diseases, it is normally accompanied by a host of other pathogenic organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites, and the kicker is that it’s hard to diagnose and treatment can be extremely difficult. In this article, you'll see how we've utilized the best advice, secrets, and techniques of top physicians, reverse engineering the steps of successful patients, and tapping into the many discoveries in a variety of fields to create a 12-week healing program to reclaim health and vitality.

Top 5 Alternative Therapies for Infectious Diseases


While many see vaccines and antibiotics as the answer, the fact remains that the rate of infectious disease outbreaks is on the rise even after billions in research and development of new vaccines and antibiotics, this according to the same Brown University Study spanning the course of 33 years. It’s not just the number of outbreaks that’s growing, either: The diversity of the diseases affecting humans is also increasing. Here are the top 5 alternative therapies for infectious diseases...