Case Review: Diabetes, Cognitive Impairment

History & Diagnosis

A 64-year-old male initially presented at our center. At the time, he was seen due to symptoms of “chills, depression, forgetfulness, headaches, nervousness, generalized muscle/joint/bone pain, blurred vision, hearing loss, sinus problems, and poor circulation.” He had been suffering for 17 years from many of these symptoms and had seen over 70 doctors. Over the years, he had been given various diagnoses, including Bell’s palsy, fibromyalgia, and Lyme disease. Despite many rounds of antibiotics, he had not found any significant relief from symptoms. During our initial evaluation, we discovered that he had a high toxicity level of 17, heavy metal toxicity, and multiple infections, including viral (CMV), bacterial (Mycoplasma, Borrelia), fungal (Candida), and parasitic (Babesia). He was successfully treated with detoxification, oral supplements, terrain restoration, elimination of pathogens, energetic balancing, and emotional support. He felt well for several years but did not schedule checkups. 

Recently, he was re-presented to NYCIM at the age of 73 years old with symptoms of forgetfulness, weakness, extreme fatigue, and difficulty walking. In the last year, he had been hospitalized three times due to a myocardial infarction (heart attack) with stent placement, kidney stones, and a bowel obstruction. He had been seeking treatment with various specialists and was placed on multiple medications for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and high cholesterol. His wife stated that his cognitive function was rapidly declining, and his physical body was quickly deteriorating.


He underwent the Bioresonance Analysis of Health evaluation, which revealed the following:

  • High tissue toxicity – 18 on Dr. Schimmel’s scale.
    • Dr. Shimmel’s scale involves a toxicity score ranging from 0-21. As a reference, a normal range for a healthy individual is considered 1-8.
  • High heavy metal toxicity (mercury and aluminum)
  • Disruption of autonomic nervous system regulation 
  • Tissue acidity 
  • Multiple nutritional deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies, and mineral deficiencies
  • Multiple pathogens – viral (Cytomegalovirus/CMV), bacterial (urinary Proteus), fungal (Aspergillus, Candida), and parasitic (Dientamoeba fragilis, flukes)
  • Emotional stress and energy dysfunction
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A personalized program of treatment was established to address physical, energetic, and emotional aspects of health. His roadmap to health prioritized detoxification, elimination of infections and heavy metals, supporting a healthy tissue environment (terrain), and organ and immune system support. 

His treatment began with oral supplements, including ionized minerals, homeopathic detoxication preparations, various vitamins, and multiple nutrients. His in-office treatments consisted of intravenous infusions with homeopathic remedies, neural therapy (liver and pancreas support), intramuscular injections, oxidative therapies, biomagnetic therapy, and advanced light therapies. He received energy balancing using the ACMOS Method and emotional therapies. Following this, he received regenerative therapies with intravenous NAD and lipids. Afterward, he received TruDose Platelet Therapy (plasma-rich platelets). At home, he also completed oral stem cell therapy. 

Cognitive impairment can have a huge impact on a patient’s ability to participate in life. Seeing this patient make drastic improvements and interact meaningfully again with his loved ones was immensely rewarding.

Dr. Marie Lee


The patient completed all intravenous and oral treatments per his personalized program of treatment. Following his last treatment, his evaluation showed that his toxicity had improved to a 10 (from an initial 18), all pathogens had been eliminated or decreased, heavy metals had decreased, energy dysfunction was normalized, tissue acidity had improved, and his autonomic nervous system regulation was restored. 

He was able to decrease his diabetes medications by 75%, and his cognitive assessment scores improved significantly. He reported a drastic improvement in mental clarity, energy, and stability when walking. His wife had tears in her eyes as she expressed his improvement in all areas and aspects of his health. Instead of spending time at the hospital, he could spend quality time with his family. Moreover, he was no longer exhausted and could also return to activities he enjoyed.

We counseled on the importance of prevention, regular follow-ups, and continuing a healthy lifestyle to help maintain his health. The patient and his wife expressed their gratitude to NYCIM for restoring his health. 

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