My Golden Treatment – Tanja Subotic

This is Tanja’s Story

My journey with Lyme disease and autoimmune disease was a long, channeling road in the beginning days. I spent two years of misdiagnosis. Incorrect diagnoses lead to many treatments not necessarily benefiting me at that time creating more health obstacles. 

Becoming ill five to six years ago, I struggled progressively as my symptoms became worse. What once was my everyday life and existence, no longer was known to me. Everything became challenging. Much of my brain’s capacity to function and work was depleted. My pain became unbearable and I grew weaker by the day which became crippling. I spent years being treated for an unknown diagnosis. Many times being told this was in my head and hardly possible to have the list of symptoms I had, perhaps even delusional. 

Hitting a Wall

I spent many years in trail and error before finally having the correct diagnosis and began the healing journey. While many protocols did have a beneficial impact of me, I yet had the results I yearned for and always seemed to hit a wall. I knew there was a much more coherent treatment protocol somewhere. Through fate, I came across the New York Center of Innovative Medicine. The treatment that changed my life. At NYCIM, medicine is recognized as an art, the art of coherency in all elements of healing. The mind, body, and spirit are all integrated collectively in the healing process. All elements are just as important for healing. It is the first and only program that offers personalized treatment. No two treatments are the same as everyone is treated as an individual with personal needs based upon their state of health and constitution. 

At NYCIM, medicine is recognized as an art, the art of coherency in all elements of healing. The mind, body, and spirit are all integrated collectively in the healing process.”

Healing as an Artform

The time, dedication and passion in the art of healing and use of innovative techniques at this center is inspirational. Tools and techniques are given to take home to continue healing and integrate into your life. The knowledge and research behind the techniques and methods are fascinating. I am forever grateful to the knowledge gained from this journey of healing.

I wish truly that many people are blessed with the gift of gaining back their power through healing at the New York Center Of Innovative Medicine. 

I have gained back my life and my power and have become so motivated and inspired to help others and give back the knowledge I have gained through this journey with Lyme disease and inspire people to gain back their health and lives.

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