NAD+ and CoQ10: The Science and Synergy

Intravenous NAD+ is becoming a go-to therapy for a growing number of integrative practices, but now there’s more evidence that further synergy can be found by combining it with another key compound, CoQ10.

In fact, the two coenzymes, NAD+ and CoQ10, are the center of many studies citing their beneficial health uses – particularly relating to fatigue and neurodegenerative disorders. As such, Innovative Medicine’s clinically-tested supplement, Nadovim, includes these two coenzymes. When combined together, these two cofactors optimize brain health and cognitive functioning, reducing brain-related disorders and diseases.

Research Behind NAD+ and CoQ10

Before we dive into how NAD+ and CoQ10 function in the human body, we’ll review the following studies and scientific evidence that has demonstrated their synergistic properties in reducing fatigue and other adverse health effects and disorders.

In a 2016 8-week study, 80 women with chronic fatigue syndrome were given daily supplements containing NAD+ and CoQ10. NAD+ and CoQ10 form critical cofactors within mitochondria and are directly responsible for ATP (cellular energy) production. Researchers speculated that mitochondrial dysfunction was the primary driver of chronic fatigue symptoms and wanted to see what supplemental factors influenced its more efficient functioning. The 2016 study sought out to determine whether NAD+ and CoQ10 used together could improve mitochondrial health and in turn, aid in battling chronic fatigue.

In the study, participants were evaluated based on set questionnaires regarding their sleep, pain levels, and fatigue levels. Heart rate measurements were also observed and recorded.

The heart rate measurement was used as a key indicator of NAD+ and CoQ10’s functioning and efficacy. It is well-known that athletes tend to have a lower heart rate due to the higher volume of blood being pushed out of the heart with each beat. As a result, athletes tend to fatigue much slower than the rest of the general population. Thus, a lower maximum heart rate score after the baseline measurement would signify whether the supplement was working or not.

After 8 weeks, the group that received supplementation with both NAD+ and CoQ10 reported less fatigue and had a reduced maximum heart rate compared with the placebo group. The group also described an absence of any adverse effects.

“As a downstream component in the Krebs cycle involved with mitochondrial ATP production, numerous investigators have been looking into NAD+ and CoQ10 for chronic fatigue/ME, neurologic disorders, and pathogens that cause brain fog.”

And it’s not the only study indicating that synergy between NAD+ and CoQ10, in supplement form, packs a powerful punch in combating fatigue and chronic disease.

William Vickers, MD, states, “As a downstream component in the Krebs cycle involved with mitochondrial ATP production, numerous investigators have been looking into NAD+ and CoQ10 for chronic fatigue/ME, neurologic disorders, and pathogens that cause brain fog.”

A 2007 study supports these claims, citing NAD+ and CoQ10 as a powerful combination for the support in preventing ischemic brain damage. Another study looking at Parkinson’s disease showed that a synergistic effect exists between NAD+ and CoQ10 and that the combined supplementation could mitigate the clinical symptoms associated with this debilitating disease.

A more recent 2018 study explored NAD+ supplementation alone in relation to Alzheimer’s Disease. In Alzheimer’s Disease patients, DNA repair activation is significantly impaired leading to the formation of brain plaques which are the end-stage clinical manifestation of the disease. In this study, researchers found NAD+ supplementation normalized neuroinflammation, improved synaptic transmission, and decreased DNA damage. In addition, their results showed improved learning, memory, and motor function.

A separate and older study conducted in 1998 showed the beneficial effects of CoQ10 supplementation alone for improving markers of neurodegeneration. In this study done on rat populations, CoQ10 supplementation was shown to increase brain cell mitochondria concentrations and clinical markers for neurodegeneration. Researchers concluded that CoQ10 could prove a viable compound in preventing and reducing symptoms of neurodegenerative disorders.

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The Defined Science Unveiled

But, how exactly do NAD+ and CoQ10 impact the mitochondria? How can we explain these studies based on what the science community considers fact?

CoQ10, also known as Coenzyme Q10, is a powerful antioxidant. It is a well-known free radical scavenger for mitochondrial and lipid membranes. In other words, it protects and supports proper mitochondrial health. In addition to its antioxidant properties, it is directly involved in the electron transport chain reaction that leads to the production of ATP.

NAD+ also plays a critical role in the electron transport chain. NAD+ functions as the primary electron donor in the reaction, also known as oxidative phosphorylation, and is the main initiator of that reaction. The outcome of oxidative phosphorylation is the production of the molecule ATP. This process is severely disturbed in mitochondrial-associated disorders – like Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and chronic fatigue conditions. Many other health issues – such as inflammatory diseases and cancer – are directly correlated with decreased NAD+ levels.

When it comes to mitochondrial support, the combined added effects of NAD+ and CoQ10 provide a synergy that is unmatched. Together, their protective and energy-producing capacities support optimal mitochondrial health in every cell of the body, especially the brain. It’s what makes Nadovim the powerful and revolutionary supplement that it is.

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A Breakthrough in Brain Health

A supplement combining CoQ10 and NAD+, like Nadovim, isn’t only useful in reducing already occurring negative health events in the brain. The goal for individuals is to use the supplement to optimize their health and their brain’s potential and prevent those negative events from occurring in the first place.

Nadovim not only increases energy and enhances focus, but has the critical cofactors to affect proper brain health. By providing those critical cofactors it may prevent cognitive decline and neurodegeneration from happening in the first place. It’s physician-approved, quality tested, and chemical-free. It combines scientific research with clinical experience to bring this transformational supplement to the world. At Innovative Medicine, we’ve created NADOVIM to help restore brain health in chronically ill patients, as well as prevent cognitive decline and brain disorders from occurring in the general population at large.

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