What Is ACMOS?

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What is ACMOS?

ACMOS is a system of assessing and correcting energetic imbalances in the body. It is based on the work of Rene Naccachian Ph.D. who received a Medal D’Or ( gold medal) from the French Society for Progress in 2010. He was the only non-medical doctor to receive this prestigious accolade for work in the field of health. 

The primary principle of ACMOS is that everything in the world vibrates. From your dinner table to your house plants, every object emits a resonant note. Exposure to this resonance can either be constructive or destructive depending on its frequency. For example, the patterns we’ve inherited in our cells, organs, and bodily systems are combined with those of our external environment to promote either health or dis-ease, depending on the “health” of the frequencies.

Breaking Down ACMOS

ACMOS is an acronym for Analysis of the Compatibility of the Matter of the Organism and their Synergy. This sounds complex, but it can be easily broken down into its components.

Analysis – testing

ACMOS utilises the Lecher antenna and a highly sensitive biofeedback unit and acupoint finder that detects areas of low impedance at acupoints in the skin. Together, these devices deliver information on vibration, electronics, and resistance. 


Compatibility is a measurement of how a particular food, supplement, item, person, or therapist alters the vibrational and electronic state of the individual. 

The Matter 

Matter involves everything we ingest, inherit in our DNA, experience in our life and then store in our material body. 


Synergy entails the ability of the body to live and work in harmony with the environment, diet, and lifestyle of the client.

ACMOS allows its users to make positive changes to improve compatibility with their past and present experiences.

In the present:

  • By restoring resonance within the energy body to a more coherent pattern, the body is then able to repair and heal itself.
  • By illuminating the substances and practises that will be most beneficial to the user.
  • By reducing the exposure to negative influences – and where this is not possible, improving the user’s compatibility and energy in the face of these negative influences. 

In the past:

  • By clearing the cellular memory of noxious stimulation, trauma is released from the body.

The ACMOS Practitioner

The ACMOS practitioner uses a test kit of harmonic remedies to interpret where the body has lost coherence, why it has lost coherence, and more importantly, how it can restore harmony and homeostasis. Because our bodies react to different ‘notes’ in the environment, we can use the principle of resonance to select the remedies that strengthen our constitution and remove the products, places, and even people which have upset our balance.  

Many systems of energy medicine exist, such as Reiki, acupuncture, and kinesiology, to name a few. ACMOS differs in that it not only resets the energy body, but it tells the story of why the resonance was lost. People tend to want to know why their health is failing, and ACMOS seeks out the root causes of illness and disease. It provides both the explanation as well as a direct route to correct the lost signalling.

A process called ACMOdynamization involves transferring the required information exactly to where it is needed, with complete precision, allowing the body to take in what it requires. As the antenna and biofeedback test unit work on a vibrational level, there are minimal side effects. Usually, as users move into a more parasympathetic state they begin to relax, yawn, feel flushed, drowsy, and awaken the next day feeling re-energized.

What is ACMOS Used to Treat?

People often ask what ACMOS is used to help treat. They want to know about conditions and symptoms, and this is perfectly understandable. However, the primary mechanism of ACMOS is allowing the body to reveal the deeper, suppressed tensions. Oftentimes, past trauma or stressors are the cause of ill health. If these traumas are not identified, then symptoms can only ever be managed, and not removed. 

Using the Lecher Antenna, ACMOS communicates (vibrationally) with the light body to allow the mind to reveal any hidden or unconscious blocks. These blocks are then safely and efficiently released by the products that are specifically harmonized to the user.

Because ACMOS does not treat symptoms, it is capable of responding to numerous conditions. As a general rule, the more physically hard-wired the problem is in the body, the longer it will take to resolve. For example, anxiety and sadness will clear faster than structural problems. 

How ACMOS Clears Energy Blocks

Negative memories and energetic blocks are formed in the body throughout life. We are capable of clearing many of these on our own when we have sufficient energy. But during transitional phases of life such as the growth spurts of early childhood and puberty, the hormonal changes of menopause, and the energy decline of old age, much of our energy is drained by physical changes. This is also why babies, toddlers, and teens require so much sleep. 

Another big reducer of energy is emotional stress. Death or serious illness of loved ones, separation, divorce, detention or coercive control (loss of freedom), personal illness or injury, leaving home, and bullying all leave a trace in our energy. At these times most of our energy is spent coping with the loss of family, friends, freedom, health, and even ‘self.’ The unconscious mind is focused on protecting us, and because it communicates with us through the body, stress literally makes us ill. 

When the energetic tensions encountered during periods of stress are unresolved, blocks develop in the mind and then the body. These blocks emerge in our health and we will struggle with varying levels of severity depending on our constitution, epigenetic or generational trauma, exposure to stress, injuries, attitudes, beliefs, and general disposition. Unfortunately, the question of identifying and relieving symptoms is extraordinarily complex. But the beauty of ACMOS is in its ability to decode, unravel, and reset the entanglement of the information held in our bodies.

After 15 years of experience as an ACMOS practitioner, I recognize that the underlying root cause of most of the cases I see is sadness or loss; loss of loved ones, loss of a job, loss of face, but more importantly loss of the self which stems from trauma. This energy deficit makes us more susceptible to toxins, noxious substances, and negative experiences. And the route to recovery will likely include detoxification, dietary changes, and stress reduction techniques. By removing toxins and clearing blockages, meridian pathways are reopened and the natural flow of energy is restored to the blocked area. 

What is it like to receive ACMOS treatment?

When someone receives an ACMOS balancing session they will normally shift into a more parasympathetic response. This often results in yawning, feeling sleepy, and relaxation.  Changes may be immediate, with an instant burst of vigor, or they may take a little time to manifest. 

In my first session with clients, I constantly see, on average, a 56% reduction in chronic symptoms. Follow-ups are typically restricted to individuals whose symptoms have been present for five years or longer and who have “tried everything and nothing works.” These outcomes demonstrate that ACMOS never ‘treats’ the symptoms, but restores energy so the body can correct itself. 

Clients will often say that ACMOS changed their lives; that was my experience too. But this transformation doesn’t happen magically, with all symptoms clearing at once. ACMOS increases our resilience and strength to cope with the inevitable stresses and strains of life, as well as providing us with the energy required for normal cellular functioning. As the body reorganizes itself, symptoms simply start to melt away.

Listen to my interview on Your Health. Your Story. where I describe my own personal story of illness and eventual healing through energy medicine modalities including the ACMOS method.

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