The Story of Sunlight as Therapy with Zaid Dahhaj

Our unhealthy relationship with the sun and the natural rhythms that revolve around it is quite baffling. It has reached a point where a recent article in the NY Post was titled “Gen Zers Face ‘Blindness Epidemic’ Due to Lack of Sunlight From Staring at Phones.” This article elaborates on how spending time in the sun boosts dopamine levels, whereas staying indoors reduces those levels, leading to serious eye problems. Today, we’re welcoming a guest who will help us appreciate that big ball of gas in the sky and encourage us to live in harmony with it. He is a men’s health coach, athlete, writer, and co-founder of ‘The 2AM Podcast.’

This is the Story of Sunlight as Therapy with Zaid Dahhaj.

I’m here to show people that human photometabolism is extremely powerful, and there’s a lot more evidence favoring its existence than against it. But in terms of benefits, I mean sleep, energy, digestion, mood, everything—absolutely everything—is tied to the circadian mechanism.

–Zaid Dahhaj

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