The Story of Alpha-Gal Case Review with Nicole Ritieni, NP

There is a relatively new condition related to Lyme disease that has been gaining attention in recent years, stemming from a tick bite that creates a meat allergy. This condition not only creates dietary restrictions but can also present as severe dermatologic and gastrointestinal reactions, as well as emotional and neurological manifestations. Today, we are going to discuss a recent diagnosis of a 16-year-old female, as well as the treatment she received from our medical center—the New York Center for Innovative Medicine.

This is the Story of Alpha-Gal Case Review with Nicole Ritieni, NP.

The body has its own great intelligence, and we want to support and restore that. All the treatments we’re doing here are working with the patient’s body to optimize it again and make it do what it’s always supposed to.

–Nicole Ritieni, NP – Clinical Director

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